UNSC PB2 Clan Based on Halo ( BiB )

UNSC PB2 Clan Based on Halo ( BiB )

UNSC Official Short Intro

Welcome to the UNSC Clan Wiki

Welcome to UNSC Wiki! Its a web for UNSC PB2 Clan which is Based On Halo!

Our Commander In Dingrobin.

How to be Promoted:

  • Disciplined.
  • Grammar
  • No faces (ex. :D, :3 e.t.c)
  • Defending UNSC Rooms
  • Inviting Players
  • Brave
  • Fully Trained
  • Strong

We UNSC Accept any Soldiers!,

UNSCs Only Come to US Washington Or European Union

JOIN NOW! We need you!

How to join:

Rename Your Char:





Please Follow The Rules Or You Might Demoted

Follow The Rules When Your On UNSC Rooms.

Rules Below:

  • No Team Killing
  • Multi-Clan Is Available But Only Use 3 Clans.
  • Dont Kill The Commander Or Pure Demotion.
  • Dont Kill Spartans
  • Respect Higher Ranks Than You
  • Dont be Mean And Rude
  • Dont Get Weapon Unless Told.
  • Can Enter Rooms
  • You Can Create Your Own Raid But You must get 2 or More UNSC Members.
  • Dont Step On High Ranks ( May Annoy Them )
  • Line properly when told. ( [] > Member) Here how you line up: [] [] [] []
  • No BadWords
  • No Faces (Ex. :D,:3, e.t.c) ( Might Get Demoted When Used )

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